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Bill Gottfried

Bill headed west after WPHS attending The University of Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma, finishing a degree in petroleum marketing in ’69. The highlight of his college career was booking Wilson Pickett for a fraternity party and serving as Pickett’s bartender (Southern Comfort/ice, no mixers!!). Following college, Bill joined the Navy and was sent to the Middle East as a Supply Officer working in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Kuwait. In ’73, Bill returned to the U.S. and ended up working in Richard Nixon’s White House (Richard who!?) and stayed on through Ford and Carter, completing a MBA in international finance at The George Washington University. He finally got religion, left government, and joined management consultants Booz-Allen & Hamilton in Washington in the late ‘70’s and moved to Houston in ’79 to open a Booz-Allen office. In 1986, Bill decided to chase “The Holy Grail” and formed a management consulting and project development company, Gottfried International, Inc., involved in the oil and gas, agribusiness, biotechnology, and space/satellite systems industries. In addition, Bill is involved in real estate development and resort property sales and marketing in the U.S., Mexico, Spain, and France. Bill married Danielle Aymen in ’83 (finally getting it right!), no kids, although Bill mentioned he does receive a mysterious “Father’s Day” card every year or two!! Bill still does an occasional 5K and 10K race and does a marathon every year or so. Long distance bicycling and tennis also keep him out of trouble, and he still does his annual brainwashing at Harvard Business School. If there are any ’65-ers in Texas or in the Houston area, let Bill know, e-mail billgottfried@gmail.com, cell 713-299-0653 (24/7). Bill sends his best regards to all.