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2005 Reunion Photos

Prints: If you want prints of any of the photos, they are available at www.photoworks.com. Send an email to webmaster@wphs1965.com requesting access to the photoworks account and you'll receive an email with a link allowing you to order. The cost is reasonable and the quality is good.

The available photos are the same as displayed on the slideshow links to the left. The difference is that the resolution at photoworks is higher, producing better prints. The resolution of the prints on this web site is low allowing them to display quickly but making a poor print.

The photos begin. If you have photos to contribute, contact me (Jeanne) at webmaster@wphs1965.com and we'll figure out how to post the images.

John Sias photos

Rhett Taber's photos

Lucille Hudson Rom's photos

Jane E Romita Marmack's Photos

Memories (from the yearbook files)
Note: There are a lot more of these old photos. They are a little time consuming to scan so I'll be posting maybe 20 a week or something like that. Also, I have some captions for these but not all, I'll provide a form for you to submit captions and comments for posting on the page - maybe this weekend but maybe later.