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Huntley Dent

March 2005

It’s amazing how hearing old names brings them back instantly. I remember Casey and her younger brother Thad...I think that “is” right. And Gary was my photographer for the year book..we had a very creative time together. There are so many...

I look forward to seeing the Cd. Thanks for taking all the trouble to find me. I have counted up, and since I was born, I’ve lived in 42 different houses. Even Winter Park was just a three year Air Force stint for my father. But of course high school is something you never forget. I loved Winter Park, but I must say I don’t return because of painful memories. My twin brother died in Vietnam, and my family retreated to Winter Park when I was a senior at Harvard. It was a terrible time, and I guess I put the town behind me. I talked about the place nostalgically for years, remembering the old hotels and lakes and all.

I went to grad school briefly in the 70s, and lo and behold, the chairman of the English dept had gone to Rollins College.

I never pursued higher education much but became a professional writer. I've been a professional writer and editor since 1978. One of my earliest interests was food and wine, which led to writing The Feast of Santa Fe, a cookbook and history of cuisine in the Southwest. I continue in book projects and journalistic work.

I remember all my old friends, I think, but have kept up with none. It’s amazing how many you found, and again I am sorry I was so tough. Since 1996 I have lived in three places in Santa Fe, one in Santa Monica, one in Cambridge Ma, and since the early 90s I’ve lived in upstate NY, Malibu (my own beach!), as well as Santa Fe once again. I guess the wanderlust of being an Air Force child stuck.

In high school my best friend was Carl Fowler. Did you find him? We kept up for a very long time, even sharing adjacent apts in Denver for a while. He is married and runs his own travel agency in Brattleboro VT.

I tend to remember names at odd moments. Chip nusbickel, David Cooper, Doran Copenhaver, Vicki Kingdon, Nancy Glass, and faces of course. Once I was sitting in a cafe in Winter Park CO and someone from WPHS came up to me..very karmic. I remember more faces than names.

In the late 70s my congenital eye problems got worse. I had ten eye operations and eventually became legally blind. but I see well enough out of one eye to write, and adaptation comes easily for me.

I spend a lot of time gardening and listening to classical music. I have never married and love a solitary life.

Right now I am writing a movie and hope to see some big stars in it. Cross your fingers. It’s a much tougher field to break into than books.

I wanted to supply this info for anyone who has wondered about my fate these forty years. As for teachers, I esp remember Ed Hotaling and Mrs. Weissenberg, both of whom taught English. I know she can’t be alive, but Ed must be only sixty or so.

thanks for contacting me, Huntley