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Linda Lee Pollard -Houser

My mother, Linda Lee Pollard Houser, passed away on December 15, 1979 following a massive seizure related to a brain arteriovenous malformation that we were all unaware of; sadly, with todayís technology she may have been saved, but that was not the case in 1979.

She met and married my father, Tom Houser, in 1968 and completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Florida in December 1970. She moved approximately 8 times due to my fatherís Army commission and supported him through two tours of Vietnam. She also raised two children, myself (born 1971) and my brother, Scott (born 1975).

My mother was a warm, wonderful woman who loved fiercely and gave freely. She has been gone for a long time, but she is not forgotten.

Take care and best wishes to the WPHS Class of 1965.

-Wendy Houser Bateman