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John Walters

February 28, 2005

In 2000 while visiting the central coast of VietNam where I had once lived, I met a young woman, MyLinh, in Tuy Hoa. We fell in love and we engaged in May, 2000. I returned to VietNam in 2001, and we were married in SaiGon, April 9,2001. We spen tApril in SaiGon and honeymooned in Dalat, the Central Highlands. In December, 2002, my cousin and I bought a convenience store in Orlando and sold it later to open another on Longwood last year. I have been working for the US Government in the Small Business Admin. since Hurricane Charlie in disaster relif as loan officer and now in the legal dept. Last year Linh and I spent April and December in SaiGon. Twenty years ago I wrote a book called The Long Way Home, and I am now getting it co-written by a well-published local author and we will get it printed and marketed, hoefully this year. My daughter, Melanie, who was a cheerleader at WPHS, and I loved !that, now has three sons. Her husband is a Publix manager, and is also a Winter Park graduate. My best to everyone!!!! John